Session 016 – Quickspiration about “being in the middle” – not being where you were at but not quite where you want to be…

In this session of the GenWHY Unlocked Podcast, Charity Majors gives some Quickspiration and shares her story about “being in the middle.”  She shares about her journey as she transitions away from being a personal trainer and continuing to pursue her career as a speaker, author, and online entrepreneur. Sometimes, we catch ourselves “in the middle” – not where we used to be but not quite where we want to be yet…what can we do about it, how do we fight the voices in our head, how do we know which ones to listen to, and how to we keep moving towards the place that we want to be…

Resources Mentioned:

Instagram: @CharityMajors      @GenWHYUnlocked


Our Mission: GenY’s who believe life should be lived from purpose on purpose and challenge the status quo by living a life of contribution and epic legacy.

-Business is changing. GenY’s will be the largest demographic in our workforce and this podcast is meant to not only empower fellow millennials to grow in their lives, their business, their leadership and their contribution, but to bridge the gap between other generations so miscommunications can be cleared up and collaboration can begin. #genWHYunlocked

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