Monthly Archives: October 2016

Session 014 – How to take birthday money and turn it into a million dollar business with Christina Moore Ward

In this session of the GenWHY Unlocked Podcast, Charity interviews Christina Moore Ward of Christina & Co. – a successful GenY Realtor who has taken her business to be one of the top real estate businesses in the country. They discuss leverage, how to surround yourself with the right people, how to let go of tasks that are holding your business back, finding the “One Thing” from the book (The One Thing) as well as an offer for a Free DISC Test! Check it out and feel free to share this episode with someone who you think would benefit from it. Resources Mentioned: The ONE Thing Book Instagram: @CharityMajors      @GenWHYUnlocked Facebook:

Session 013 – From being broke on his moms couch to financially free and sharing a stage with John Maxwell – Interview with Zach Slobin

In this session of the GenWHY Unlocked Podcast, Zach Slobin shares how he went from being broke living on his mom’s couch to being financially free, sharing a stage with John Maxwell, and being present in his purpose at the age of 32.  His example and inspiring dialogue is sure to ignite a fire within you to be, do and have anything that you dream. Resources Mentioned:     Instagram @ZachSlobin Instagram: @CharityMajors      @GenWHYUnlocked Facebook: